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Enabling circularity through collaboration and innovation

to make a cost-effective future a reality.

We transform challenging streams of waste plastic into quality and cost-effective pcr regrind that powers the manufacturing of superior products.

 We’re not just another plastic recycler.  Our vision is to enable circularity through the creation of massive demand.  We are focused on applications where the positive properties of recycled plastic replace inferior materials such as wood, concrete, and metal.
Our experience in recycling
In 1974, we opened operations as QRS Recycling. We started as a traditional recycler, growing to serve the Louisville, St. Louis, and Nashville markets and later evolving into mixed post-consumer plastics. The challenges we have faced have given us a laser focus on the future of PCR — high volumes of cost-effective, quality material that enables circularity through the creation of market demand.
Our approach to business
Today, we’re part of the Granite Peak Group, an organization whose endeavors cross industries ranging from transportation, material handling, fabrication, manufacturing, and industrial development.  Now and always, we’re ready to invest in innovation so we can collaboratively solve problems and continue to be a catalyst for the transition to circularity.

We’re putting plastics to work
— again — creatively and economically.

Our solutions seek to align the value chain by providing all participants a path to circularity that also respects their economic interests.


Our goal is to divert 120,000,000 pounds of plastic from landfills and waterways annually.

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