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Introducing Triton Ties: Next-Level Infrastructure for the Rail Industry

St. Louis, MO – Plastic recycling company Granite Peak Plastics announced the launch of Triton Ties to manufacture a new fiber-reinforced polymer composite tie product line. The innovative and precision molding process of the Trion tie marks a significant advancement in railway infrastructure by providing a high-performing, long-lasting alternative to traditional wood ties and other composites on the market.

Triton Ties has been able to leverage 25 years of plastic industry expertise from its parent company, Granite Peak Plastics, to develop a composite tie like no other. Both companies are co-located, as well as operated by the same leadership team.

"I'm extremely proud of this team and the Triton tie," said Greg Janson, CEO of Granite Peak Plastics and Triton Ties. "We've worked hard to engineer a process and product that addresses the shortfalls of composites that went before us. This product has superior fatigue endurance and hits the sweet spot of performance and cost. A true one-for-one replacement for wood, Triton Ties will save billions of dollars over their lifetime when installed at scale. And because we are committed to using recycled plastic, Triton Ties will also create demand for massive quantities of scrap plastic, keeping it out of our landfills, waterways, and oceans. It's a triple win – performance, profit, and planet."

Built using precision extrusion technology, Triton Ties offer predictable performance and durability. Automated feeders for each input ensure tight process control, while a custom extrusion process maintains the integrity of reinforcing agents. The result is a product uniquely positioned on the frontier of performance and cost-efficiency.

Triton Ties has harnessed the power of recycled plastics and a proprietary resin matrix to develop a product that outperforms wood ties in challenging applications, such as high moisture environments. With a projected lifespan exceeding 50 years, Triton Ties are impervious to rot, moisture, and insects and can be recycled at the end of their use. With approximately 20 million ties replaced annually in North America, the shift to Triton Ties' more durable and greener solution promises substantial economic and environmental benefits.

The Triton composite tie also offers seamless installation using the same machinery as wood. They can even be combined with existing wood crossties for optimal capital management.

The Triton composite tie has undergone rigorous third-party and AREMA testing and validation, and the tightly controlled manufacturing process produces world-class consistency and quality.

In addition to standard ties, Triton Ties also offers customized solutions to meet specific applications. Strength, stiffness, and cost can be adjusted by altering the formula for a solution that meets a customer's specific requirements.

Triton Ties is an affiliate of the Granite Peak Group, which also owns and operates Granite Peak Plastics. This gives Triton Ties complete control of the supply chain, allowing it to pass on consistent savings and reliable pricing to its customers. Located where all the Class 1's meet in St. Louis, Missouri, Triton Ties can ship to anywhere in the U.S.

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