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In a world challenged by single-use plastics, we provide a path to circularity.



We are a post-consumer plastic reclaimer focused on recovering PP and PE from challenging streams. Our proprietary processes help us align economic interests and environmental responsibility to achieve circularity. We seek a future where the miracle of plastic and our amazing planet can thrive together.

Are you a buyer
seeking raw materials?

We are looking for strategic partners that value high volumes of quality, post-consumer PP, and PE regrind. Let’s discuss working together.

Are you a producer of PP- and PE-based scrap material?

We offer fair prices and creative solutions for the full spectrum of scrap plastic quality — mixed post-consumer, post-commercial, parts with metal, dirty and mixed regrind, and clean.  If you are producing and selling PP and PE based scrap, we would value the chance to earn your business.

Serving the US and Southern Canada.


Centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, we serve customers across the entire US and southern Canada.  We are proud to be a St. Louis company, where the legacy of discovery and adventure continues to feed the entrepreneurial spirit.

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